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Booby Tape in Nude – 5 metre roll

Booby Tape in Nude – 5 metre roll


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At long last we have found a stockist for breast tape and nipple covers  that we wanted to sell on our site. No duct tape or DIY products for our lovemerentme girls.

Booby tape is the perfect alternative to wearing a bra with an outfit when a bra will not do. It is designed to lift the breasts in a desirable position and to enhance cleavage.

Booby Tape is hypoallergenic. It has the strength to hold and longevity to last all night. It’s comfortable, water proof, works on any bust size and in the 5 metre roll can be cut to size to minimise waste.

The secret with Booby tape is all in the adhesive. It’s formulated to hold the heaviest of breast with super strong grip.

We recommend using nipple covers before applying tape for extra precaution to sensitive nipples. If you have a history of skin irritation please try a small test patch on breast skin for 24 hours before using,  yet Booby tape is hypoallergenic.

We love this review from first time user Emily- ” I have a bigger bust, about a DD/E, and rented a dress with thin spaghetti straps which slightly flattened my chest. All they needed was a lift, but I was unable to wear a bra with the dress, so I opted to give the tape a go. I taped my boobs together (from one side to the other), but focused on doing this from the bottom of my bust, almost like taping on a strapless bra but with more cleavage. It lifted them perfectly, and I completely forgot that they were even taped during the night, so it was certainly comfortable to wear. This was for a 21st, so the tape withheld through sweaty dancing, and it had been on for 7 hours before I removed it, and it had not budged from its initial position. The tape didn’t leave any marks from its wear when I looked the next morning, and was much less painful to remove than other tapes! Totally recommend, I wouldn’t use anything else now ! ” Emily x

Nothing but the best for you girls. x Karen & Ella.

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