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Our Try on Service – Local & NZ wide

Local Try on Service.

Loveme Rentme is proud to be one of the top rental websites in NZ & has one of the largest ranges of dresses 6-18. Proud to have 750 dresses & counting. Our try on service is by appointment only in our family home @ 5 Kings Avenue, Dunedin. You can book a time below. Before booking please read about how our service works below.

Try ons are approx 1 hour long & are $20.00 for each person trying on.This goes towards a hire with us. Eg $60.00 hire – $20 = $40.00

Before you book a try on.

Currently we are in Level Orange of the Traffic Light System.

For our business & try on’s this means the following in 2022. Please respect our guidelines.

  • Please scan the QR code when entering our home.
  • Please wear a face mask on arrival.
  • Please show your vaccine pass on arrival + ID if asked. This is for each person that comes to the appointment. Vaccine passes are not required for picking up your hire.
  • Do not come if you are unwell, no exceptions ( even a start of a sore throat, a headache etc – please do not come.)
  • 1-2 people can try on at one time + 2 others for support eg 4 people only in dress room to apply with social distancing measures.
  • Please have freshly washed hands before coming. Hand sanitiser is also supplied.
  • Please supply dress list 5-10 dresses to try on as noted below. This is very important in traffic light level orange so that we don’t have to enter dress room as much as we normally would at Green level.
  • Bathroom is not available.

Before booking a try on please take time to create a dress list. This is the most important part of our try on service, knowing what you like & want to try from our range. This starts your appointment off & we will add different dresses based on your list. You can create a list by saving to wish list and then copy and pasting this in or make your own. Please make sure dresses are in your size by looking under size tab online.

Friends family are welcome to come to give advise. No more than 4 in dress room please.

Dress room size + time allows for only 1 or 2 girls trying on.

Appointments are 1 Hour long – however if you are travelling or if you are sharing an appointment with a friend contact us so that we can allow a little extra time.

If you are booking a re try of some of our dresses please book through text not through booking calendar thanks.

If you want to try 1-2 dresses please don’t book online. Please text 0277337260 and we can arrange a time for this.

If you are more confident getting changed alone please make an individual app as we do not have screens to change behind. A friend/ family member is welcome to help you.

Please do not bring pre school children – happy to discuss reasons why.

Please be on time as we work hourly. If your event is the week of try on you can take item with you.

The $20 try on/ deposit is required to be paid in person on the day of the appointment. Cash payments as well as eftpos & pay wave are available.

You are welcome to bring your heels but these cannot be worn while trying dresses on. Going up on your toes will show fall/length of a dress just the same. If you find a dress you can of course try on with your heels at the end.

Wipes are provided here to freshen under arms before trying on and so that our dresses stay clean and smell great but please shower before attending (please don’t come after the gym or straight from school if you feel that body odour may be an issue after a busy day). Please think of our precious dresses and others that are coming into dress room after you and how embarrassing it is for us to have to say no 🙁

Theft is serious.We know our stock at all time. Bags can be searched before leaving our home.

Please supply a valid – reachable cell number when booking in case we need to contact you.

If possible please use the bathroom before visiting.

We will leave you to browse and try on but will knock and come in to help you while you are there. This is how our try on service works. We want to help you find the perfect dress that is a perfect fit for you.

* If you have read all of this you are a star * Thanks for taking the time to read how our service works. 

Before booking a try on please read how our service works so that you get the most out of this experience.  This must include list of dresses from our website to try on 5-10,  closest size + possible rental date. The more info you supply the better eg tell us a bit about you eg tall, bigger bust etc. You can create a wish list and copy and paste this in or create you own list. If a dress list is not supplied sorry but we will have to cancel appointment. If you are wanting to try a certain dress or dresses please check with us before coming to try on that these are here.


Sending NZ Wide.

If you are not from Dunedin you can request a dress be sent for try on. However please note this is not always possible because of a dress being rented or required here for try on appointments & in our busy ball season there are times when we are solely focused on getting orders out for events. If you are unsure of your dress size we always suggest trying on a few in town to check size or style if you can or send us your measurements in cm to check against dress. If we can send this cost is $30.00. When contacting us please supply your measurements in cm (e.g. bust, waist, hip, shoulder-to-floor) and any other helpful information ( eg I am, tall/ short/busty etc) so we can check against the dress – if it looks like a fit we can go from there.


Q.How long are try on appointments?Appointments are 1 Hour long – however if you are travelling or if you are sharing an appointment with a friend contact us so that we can allow a little extra time.

Q.I cannot find a try on time that suits me. Please text us if you need a certain day/time and if it is urgent. We work 7 days a week and cater for 40+ appointments. Please text us if you need a certain day/time and if it is urgent.

Q. Can I just come and see what you have? Try ons are in our family home and 700+ dresses do fit in the dress room. This room is designed for 1-2 people & stock is added once we know the dresses/size you are and these will be ready for you when you arrive. This makes your try on incredibly easy for you as all dresses are in your size & what you have suggested you might like. We will also bring in more while you are here. 

Q.Why do you charge for a try on? Part of loveme rentme’s Boutique service is to have our dress room ready for you with a selection of dresses from our range. This Boutique Experience = personal attention throughout the time you are here. This is what makes our business different than some other rental companies. We are also here to help with fit & we will bring many more options into our dress room.You will love this service its friendly, unique & most girls will leave satisfied they have found ‘the dress’ This $20.00 will become a deposit on a hire with us eg $60.00 hire = $40.00 balance.

Q.I have no idea what size I am and what might look good on me – do I have to supply a list? After working with try ons for many years we do know that most people have an idea of their closest size & what sort of style they like. We are here to help with fit and ideas of course but this can take time and appointments are 1 hour long. The list supplied is just an idea but super helpful for us to get an idea about & start the try on session.