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Our Try on Service – Local & NZ wide.

loveme rentme is one of the top dress rental websites in NZ and luckily for our Dunedin girls we offer a free try on service as well.

This is by appointment only for girls/woman that are considering a hire with us and from our range. (you can book a time below)

Don’t worry if you are out of Dunedin as we can try and send a dress if it is available. Please discuss this with us. This cost is $20.00 which covers two overnight couriers to your home/work addresses and back to us. What we require first is measurements in cm so we can check against the dress – if the fit looks good then we can go from there. 

Try ons are in our family home in a dress room designed for this service. Please note that we are not a shop to browse through – it is for girls/woman that are considering a hire from our website range as our dress room is empty until we know what you would like to try. What is ask is for a list of dresses in your size (look under the size tab . This is incredibly important for you to have input into what you try and for us to have ready. 

Directions on how to get to 5 Kings Avenue (street opposite Kings High School) is below. 

Our appointments are 45m long – if you are with a friend trying please let us know and we will make app longer. Hours are 10-5pm weekdays and 11-4pm weekends.

Please be respectful and understanding of how our service works by reading the bullet points below. 

  • Appointments can be for – 2 girls at a time yet if you are more confident getting changed alone in our dress room then I suggest an individual app as we do not have screens to change behind. A friend/ family member is welcome to help you.
  • You need to take time to find a few styles (approx 5-10) from website that you want to try and in your size. This is important as our room is empty until you tell us what you want to try on. If this is not supplied we would normally call to discuss. When you come we will have the dresses ready to try that you have chosen + others that we can suggest. It is important that in some busy weeks, especially formal season bulk dresses may be out so we will contact you to tell you if this applies to your selection. 
  • Karen will leave you to browse and try on but will knock and come in to help you while you are there. This is how her service works, she wants to help you find the perfect dress that is in the right size for you.
  • Try ons apps are 45m – long. Because this service is popular, being on time is important. If your event is the week of try on you can take item with you. If you are having trouble finding a free time online please message us and we will try and fit you in.
  • We suggest bringing heels, bra, form fitting underwear or anything else that you feel you would wear with a dress.
  •  jewellery must be removed.
  • girls must be clean e.g. no body odour (please don’t come after the gym or straight from school if you feel that body odour may be an issue after a busy day/ think of our precious dresses and how embarrassing it is for us to have to say no 🙁
  • Theft is serious.We know our stock at all time. Bags can be searched before leaving our home. 

Please supply a valid – reachable cell number when booking in case we need to contact you.  

Thanks so much for taking the time to for read how our service works x Karen .


Please fill out all details in the form below to request a try on appointment.

This includes a list of dresses from our website to try on and your size closest too. If these are not supplied or not available we will contact you.

Look forward to seeing you soon.