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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.How do I get hold of someone to talk too? We pride ourselves & our Boutique service at being accessible daily if needed via email or even quicker our personal cell number so that there is always someone within a customer’s reach within normal working hours. Link here

Q. Would you consider buying in a dress in for your website that I really want to hire but cant find anywhere? Yes. Please get in touch & send link to the boutiques that we can view & decide whether it is one that we would also love for our website.  

Q. How will I know that I will receive my rental dress on time? We know how important it is to have your dress earlier than your event.  Our mother and daughter team understands how important these special events are. We pride ourselves on this service and making your feel excited rather than anxious. We supply our personal cell number to discuss orders. Like any online shopping we acknowledge that things may happen out of our control like dress being damaged before your hire, a person not returning when they should have, or courier issue but we will not leave notifying you to the last minute ever and that in 4 -5 years of running our website the number of any of this happening is so low because of the efforts we make & the incredible team we have behind us. Please be careful dealing with anyone hiring that is not a trusted business because most weeks we are dealing with people needing a dress from us because they have been let down. 

Q.I am looking at renting a dress for a wedding in a couple of weeks. I have never rented before. What happens if the dress I want to rent doesn’t fit or it doesn’t suit me? We totally understand that being new to renting can be a little overwhelming. Before you hire please know we are here to help. Feel free to email or call us. We want to know your size/fit vs knowledge/fit of every dress we stock.

Q.Why do you charge $15.00 for shipping? We are so proud of our shipping & the relationship we have with NZ couriers who go out of their way for us delivering and collecting parcels. It is an incredible price for delivery & collection overnight to anywhere in NZ ( non rural). We have an incredible track record of NOT letting our wearers down with non delivery of a dress. This service is incredibly streamlined and easy for you as we book both couriers in. We do not use post as this service is not reliable and not quick enough for our customers.

Q. What happens if my event is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances or I want to cancel my hire – can I get a refund ? A great question & certainly one we know well with Covid affecting many hires in 2020. You can read more about cancellations in our terms and conditions.Link here. If you do cancel a dress hire within 14 days before your event refunds are non refundable but we do offer a full credit that does not expire. If it is outside the 14 days yes we can.