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About Us

In 2017 loveme rentme was started by a Mum of 4 Karen McCormack.

Her initial goal was to create a unique & trusted business that had a huge range of options for sizes 6-16.

In 4 years she has one of the largest collection of dresses to rent in NZ. With over 750 dresses in her collection she is working hard to make this reach 800 by the end of 2022.

This business has grown from an idea into a successful Boutique type rental business that is successful because of the customers positive experience with us. “We aim to give every customer personal attention whether they come and try on with us or they rent online. We have a commitment to the customer to ensure that they will receive this service and a rental on time.

A most positive part of loveme rentme for Karen is meeting the people that come to her home for try ons. From individuals that come to family members or friends visiting to support the renter. She loves being part of the process to help everyone have a great experience & find the perfect dress for the occasion.

This service is closely helped by Karen, her daughter Ella & Tama (their dog). Tama doesn’t do much but if you let him meet you when you visit he will be very grateful.

As we travel our business journey we are very aware about questions that people have about how sustainable renting a dress is over buying. I suppose I look at my own life at 50 and hey – I am in no way living a sustainable life but I’m trying to learn more about being greener and act on what I know, will learn & believe in. This is me looking at my wardrobe & knowing that many of these pieces I thought I would love & wear are still unworn ( some with tags 0n). This is me hearing how many times woman purchase a dress quickly as they have an event to go to that week and they don’t even love it. This is me knowing that I have rented the same beautiful dress 20 times to 20 different people that have loved that same dress. I do believe renting is a positive step in the right direction for our environment. Fashion overproduction makes me think seriously about the positive sides of renting. Of the 3.3 billion tons of CO2 equivalents generated by the apparel industry every year, the majority are emitted while making more clothes, clothes that mostly end up in landfills long before their useful lives are over. We can all help in reducing this impact by either sharing our clothes, wearing what we have or by renting them. If we all do a little bit then production will be smaller and we will have made a difference to these numbers.

Be part of our journey….if you love it… rent it.