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About Us

In 2017 loveme rentme was created for NZ Woman by a mum of 4 – Karen McCormack.

Her goal was to create a trusted business & website that had a huge range of options for sizes 6-16. In 3 years she has one of the largest collection of dresses to rent in NZ. With over 500 dresses in her collection she is working hard to make this reach 600 by the end of 2020.

As Karen’s website grew, what she didn’t expect was such a positive experience as she meets, talks and rents to some incredible people throughout NZ. Along with Karen the loveme rentme team includes her daughter Ella & Tama (dog in pic). Tama doesn’t do much but if you let him he is the best cuddler ever.

The vision for loveme rentme is that women will start to understand how sustainable renting is – if you buy then you hope it will be something you use for years and years – but it is known that this is a rare thing. The collective carbon footprint of people buying new & coupled with the garment having been created, is far greater than the cost of renting these pieces up to 20 times before it is discarded vs a purchase maybe being worn 3 timesdress rental

Dunedin based, Karen has a room in her home designed for try ons and welcomes bookings for up to 2 friends at a time.

Be part of her journey….if you love it… rent it.